About Us


‘I had an idea’ ~Dan Kozan

Why create a natural fridge filter?

My family likes it’s greens especially fresh salad greens with grape tomatoes, radishes, red & yellow peppers, mushrooms, red cabbage and some cooked things like corn from the cob and baked beets. That’s a great salad that we eat with a little olive oil from Spain (same great flavor as Italian but more economical) some balsamic vinegar a pinch of kosher salt and a shake of oregano. All great ingredients, but the problem was the produce (mix lettuce-peppers-mushroom) was always going bad before we could enjoy great salads like I described above. We would buy 5-lettuce mix at the grocery and enjoy the two for one price, so we bought two. The only problem was by the time we ate the first bag mixed with the ingredients I described above the second bag was lettuce soup in a bag by the end of the week.

So here is the dilemma.

Buy less mixed lettuce at a higher price or buy more at a lower price and throw out the decayed lettuce & produce later in the week. We even tried to wash the decayed lettuce in cold water with a strainer. The results were just awful. We looked for a solution but there was no natural product out in the marketplace in find.

Frustration is the Mother of Invention!

So with our desire to eat healthy and have our salads everyday I started to read about natural things and remedies that would preserve my produce & fruit longer so I could buy more at a better price and stay healthy. Nothing was available. Then I learned about ethylene gas the natural hormone all plants give off as they decay. The higher the concentration of ethylene gas the fast produce will decay. Finally I decided to work on a solution to capture this unwanted ethylene gas and I created the first generation of Daisey Fresh it was crude but it was made from all natural earth minerals and a old sachet bag of my wife’s.

Daisey Fresh is born. What is it good for?

Daisey Fresh is in its third generation since the sachet days, and it works great. But, Yes there is a But. The Daisey Fresh filter only works well if you separate your fruit from your veggies and completely take them out of the plastic it is packaged. Then clean your fruits & veggies and leave them open in the fruit or veggie drawer so the Daisey Fresh filter can work its magic.  Sorry there is no magic is just the science of desiccant filtration and the ability of ionic bonding. So what is Daisey Fresh good for: First in your fridge it will absorb moisture & ethylene gas to keep your fruit & veggies fresher longer with better color and taste. Second in any locker that has that smell most locker have…Daisey Fresh will absorb all that nasty smell and your locker will smell fresh as a daisy. Third any closet that has a dampness problem…It will reduce moisture and take the funny smell out of your clothes.