Sasha DE

Daisey Fresh Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

I have a Siberian Husky ( Sasha ), and for many years she suffered from gas pain and loose stool.   The Vet recommended special prescription food that was expensive, $62 per 17lb bag but nothing worked to ease Sasha from suffering gas.   We heard about the wonders of DE from a friend who had two dogs, They fed their dogs DE of about three to four table spoons per meal for years.  So, we decided to start feeding her Daisey Fresh Diatomaceous Earth (DE) of two tablespoons to start in her morning and evening meals.  Today, her stool is firm, not hard or mushy and she does not need Gas X everyday as she did previously.   We slowly weaned her off special diet foods and she eats only Blue Buffalo.  She seems to be a much happier dog ( see photo ). And I’m happier not to see the pudding poop and being woken up at 4:40am because sh has gas and wants to go to eat grass ( Sasha’s remedy).

If you own a cat or more than one, eliminating that kitty litter smell is a priority.  The smells that come from the litter box are not the nicest of scents as you know.  Luckily, you can also get rid of the kitty litter smell by adding diatomaceous earth to the litter box. Daisey Fresh DE brand will absorb other brands because the bentonite works to control the PH from the kitty urine; it will also repel worm, larvae, or parasites in the litter box.  You don’t have to change your kitty litter bran, just add a couple of cups of Daisey Fresh DE into the litter and the odor from the litter box will be greatly reduce. 

We encourage you to try and experience the great benefits of Daisey Fresh Diatomaceous Earth today!

Written by Dan Fresh