Finally,  a new age solution to an age old problem, spoilage.  Enjoy fresher fruits and veggies today!


Wow what a crowd at the VegFest in Ft Lauderdale on Dec 3rd. There were reports of 12,000 people and the facility was packed like a crate of Florida oranges. The Daisey Fresh booth was filled all day long with people who did not know about how Daisey Fresh Eco filters could keep your produce fresher longer. They did not realize after the 30-60 days in the fridge it could be used for capturing bad odors around the house or gym for another 90 days or the basic kit of two (2) eco filters were only $6.99 shipped right to your door. Freddy the freshness ball was there as well he was giving away free Florida oranges a healthy vegan snack…..Coming soon … our new web site with easier navigation, check out and simple pricing coming in late December. Look for new vegan blogger and great recipes in December as well. That’s all for now…Oh I forgot, we have extra Daisey Fresh T shirts from the show we will give away …here is an example…


Written by Dan Fresh